Encouraging Students to be Responsible

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Planning for Improvement - Ask students to estimate the number of hours they spend on each activity for a typical day. Then use the pie graph to chart out the results. This activity will allow reflection on their use of time.


Relationship Bank Account - A student's ability to get along with others will largely determine how successful they are in their career and level of personal happiness. The Relationship Bank Account (RBA) is very much like a checking account at a bank. You can make deposits and improve the relationship, or take withdrawals and weaken it.


Taco Bell Application - Working for Taco Bell (or any other fast food chain) requires a responsible and trusting candidate. The application has a number of places where the candidate is asked to produce evidence they are responsible. Ask students who they may ask to be a reference that can attest to their character. Part II has excellent discussion questions, too.


Direction Connection - How many times a day do you remind students to follow directions? This activity will impress upons students to be good listeners and follow directions. The activity is divided into two sections - each can be done separately. Cut out the cards and hand them out to the students randomly - some students may get more than one card depending on the size of the class. The students will read each card's directions and do what is told on the card. They really have to listen carefully for cues so they don't miss their place.


Halloween Pictionary - This is fun game for students as you get closer to the end of October.


Wordles - Another problem solving game for students. Divide your class into teams of 3 or 4. Students are given one set of Wordles and are to determine what the answers are. Discuss how cooperating with each other shows responsiblity.