Friday Survey and CEU Certificate(2016)

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Keynote - Jack Berckemeyer - "Deliberate Optimism"
Collaboration Lab: Exploratory/Specialists
Taming of the Team - Jack Berckemeyer
A Journey Through Personalized Learning - George Peoples
Grit & Growth Mindset for Middle School - Matt Carlstrom, Polly Sheppard
Schools to Watch: A Continuous Improvement and Recognition Tool - Ericka Uskali
Social Studies for Pre-Service Teachers - Kate Stower, Jessica Winkelaar
Strategies for Working with Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) - Ruth Richardson
This We Believe: Creating Culturally Inclusive Learning Environments - Karen Moroz
Top 20 Teachers Live Above the Line: How Mindfulness Governs Our Experience - Tom Cody
Using Agriculture in Experiential Learning - Keri Sidle
Collaboration: Special Education
Student Engagement and Motivation - Jack Berckemeyer
Creating Space for All Body Shapes and Sizes - Sharon Johnson
Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast Everyday - Jessica Denter, Michelle Krell
Educators Tools to Transform Adverse Experiences Into Positive Learning - Karen Hart, Janet Larson
Robotics and Empathy in the Language Arts Classroom - Andrew Smith
Teaching Kids to Ask Good Questions - Kate Stower
Technology in PE - Connie Berg, Chad Olson
Top 20 Teachers Eliminate "Stupid" from the Classroom - Tom Cody
Collaboration Lab: Language Arts
Understanding Adolescents - Jack Berckemeyer
ArcGIS Online: Easy-to-Teach Lessons - Ken Pekarek
Creating a Youth Led Culture of Inclusion in Your School - Nick Cedergren
Designing Authentic Assessments at the Middle School Level - Matt Weyers
Educating a Generation of Global Citizens through Service-Learning - Patty Hall
Engaging in Meaningful Assessment Conversations - Building Dynamic Dialogue by Incorporating the Skills of Improv! - Jim Smith, Blake Wanger
Leadership Development - Dan Edwards
Overview of the Minnesota Department of Education's Data Center - Holly Brunson
Classroom Management - Jack Berckemeyer
Creating Space for All Body Shapes and Sizes - Sharon Johnson
Minnesota Department of Education: Brainstorming Session for Upcoming Teacher-Friendly Interface - Holly Brunson
PBIS: Exemplar Status through Consistent Improvement - Paula Case, John Dahl, Melissa Wagner
Personalized Learning in a Mainstream Class - Michaela Loo, Tricia Pettis
Simple Steps to Sanity: A Discipline Plan That Really Works - Rusty May
The Achievement Gap: Why the Brain Matters - Bondo Nyembwe, Justin Tiarks
The Art of Mindfulness - Timothy Iverson
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