Friday Survey and CEU Certificate(2017)

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Keynote - Youth Frontiers - "Honoring Our Community's Educators"
Development of a Self-Paced Middle School Digital Fab Lab Course - Boyd Weiger
Minnesota Reports and Resources - Holly Brunson
Take a Drink from the Formative Assessment Fire Hose - Paul Schlangen
Tinker, Play, Create, Design - Learn! - Angie Potts
Increased Access and Opportunity for ALL Learners - Laura Mackenthun
"Principles of Improvisation - how to use them in the classroom and life" - Youth Frontiers
Resources That Engage All Students - Eden Bart
Adventures with Technology in PE - Chad Olson
Comprehensive School Based Mentoring Program - Miguel A. Salinas
Differentiated Middle School Instruction: Making it Real, Meaningful and Accessible - Letitia Basford
Ensuring Learning for All - Micheala Loo
Minnesota Department of Education Data Center: Secure Reports - Holly Brunson
Developing an Effective Learning Culture - Tom Cody
"Principles of Improvisation - how to use them in the classroom and life" - Youth Frontiers
Impact Teaching - Carl Olson
Interdisciplinary Learning for a Changing Planet - Angie Lawrence
Service Learning in the Classroom - Danielle MacGillivray
East Side Urban Studies: An Interdisciplinary Social Justice Unit set in Payne-Phalen - George Dalbo
Making Reteaching Meaningful through Differentiation - Amy Vizenor
Minnesota Department of Education: Mobile Analytics - Holly Brunson
Using Curiosity to Fuel Meaningful Learning - Nancy Van Erp
Teaching from Your Mission: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing - Tom Cody
"Find Those Superpowers You Never Knew You Had in The Classroom" - Scott Struyk
Going to School with Mental Illness - Nemeh Al-Sarraj
Positive Intervention and Enrichment - Meeting the Needs of All Middle Level Learners - Barb Jensen, Michelle Miller
Rapport.Respect.Relationships - Stacy Sanders
Can you Escape with BreakoutEDU? - Angie Potts
Going to School with Autism - Nemeh Al-Sarraj
Cyber Safety & Digital Citizenship - Kent Molberg
Becoming a Top 20 School: Using Social-Emotional Learning to Maximize Achievement - Tom Cody
Advisory 101: Making the Most of Your Advisory Program - Michelle Miller, Tammy Yackley
Harnessing Questions to Promote Thinking - Nancy Van Erp
Schools to Watch - Roberic VanScoy
TinkerCad for Your Classroom - Ron Browne
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