MMSA Summer Institute 2017 Featuring Willow Sweeney !

Top 20 Training provides training seminars and materials to help employees, students, parents, teachers and other professionals develop their potential.

Morning Sessions

1st session-90 mins

Above and Below the Line (1st half) Top 20s Live Above the Line: How Our Thinking Governs Our Experience

This session focuses on becoming aware of our thinking so we know when it is working and when it is not working. It explores (1) the conditions that come up in our life that invite us to go Below the Line, (2) indicators telling us when we are Below, (3) how to handle Below the Line experiences with more grace and dignity and (4) how to trampoline back Above the Line.

2nd session-90 mins

Above and Below the Line(2nd half)

Afternoon Session

3rd session-120 minutes

Tornadoes, Thought Circles and 4 Pillars of Top 20 Culture

Top 20s create a culture that develops the potential of colleagues. This session presents four components of a Top 20 culture: (1) help others succeed, (2) communicate ‘you matter,’ (3) honor the absent, and (4) see the problem, own the problem. It also presents a tool for assessing the degree to which these components exist in a culture. Top 20s Reduce Negativity: Eliminating Thought Circles and Tornadoes

Experiences and relationships are diminished by negativity. This session provides staff with awareness and means for reducing negativity in their own thinking and in their social conversations.