Start the Year with 'Get To Know You' Activities

Time Capsule - The sheet will be filled out by each student and ‘sealed’ in a box for the school year (to be opened in June). This activity is fun for students to see how they have changed during the school year. You can take photos with a digital camera and take individual student pictures to go inside the time capsule.  On this day you will want to have a shoe box of some sort from home so students can decorate it. Some advisors ask students to bring things from home that symbolizes who they are. Have students ‘show & tell’ about the items that they brought in to put in this box. Another idea is to have students measure their height and cut a length of string the same size - they might be surprised how much they have grown during the year!

Personality Collage (Star) - Using old magazines, scissors, construction paper and glue have students find pictures and words in old magazines that remind them of themselves. Look particularly for pictures that visualize the emotions and personal characteristics of each student. Clip pictures and phrases and glue onto the ‘star’ . After collecting the finished collage of each student, advisor should hold each one up for the group to view. Students should try to guess which collage fits each individual.  Be sure the advisor does one, too! You may wish to hang these from the ceiling or display them on the wall.


Toss - A - Name Game & Advisory Corners - These two games will get your students up and moving! The Advisory Corners activity can be a great tool for your classroom discussions when you want to students to express their opinions or knowledge about any topic.

Icebreakers! Twenty-nine activities that will be fun for you and your students.


Icebreakers and Name Games More activities to help you and your students to get to know each other.


Rock Star Name (w/ sunglasses) - This activity demands a little ‘ham’ in all of your students - be sure you model this activity!


M & M's Activity - This activity helps students get to know each other while at the same time enjoying some chocolate!


Skittle Activity - Similar to the M & M activity with different questions for students to share.


Count Off, Lifestory & Questions - These three activities are good 'get to know you' exercises for students learning each other's names and some of the things they are interested in.