Teaching Tolerance

Activities / Handouts

  • Tolerance of the Hearing Impaired - Run off these sheets and cut them in half before setting up students in pairs. Some introduction in the trouble people face (even young people) who are hearing impaired will help with this activity.
  • Drinking Straws Galore - An activity that simulates various disabilities trying to accomplish tasks.
  • The Wrinkled Heart - As you read the story begin to crumple the paper each time the boy had something negative said to him. As positive remarks came his way, unfold the paper and try to smooth it out. Tell students that saying things to others in a hurtful way is difficult to undo, no matter how much you try.
  • Left Out - The activity gets the kids moving around the room trying to join up with another group without being left out. This might be a good activity to try after the video on Wednesday.
  • Tolerance Paired Activity - Print and cut the paper in two pieces for this activity using the Venn Diagram. Students who see more connections with each other are more tolerant of their differences.
  • Group Benefits - An activity where student’s differences are an advantage to answering questions.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears - An activity to challenge student’s ability to listen to each other in a collective reading of the story. Students who are unable to read with fluency may need to opt out of this challenge.
  • Human Bingo - Students need to answer the questions before doing the activity - use about 5-10 minutes. The center box ‘Stupid Human Trick’ is anything a student can do that is unique or unusual (e.g. dislocate finger)
  • Alphabet Search - A quick activity to see how resourceful students can be in naming items they are wearing or have with them.
  • Stretch / Scrunchie - A couple of activities to challenge another advisory.
  • More Activities - A number of activities that will help building relationships within your advisory.